Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode: what it is and how to use it

To drive in a safe way, be on time wherever you go, and get more pleasure from driving, every auto enthusiast has to learn all about their car’s options and features. A Jeep Grand Cherokee has several special driving modes for different weather and road conditions.

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The Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode is one of the options. If you are reading this article, you are probably going to clarify the issues below.

What does the Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode mean?
When should you use it?
How does the Sport Mode work?
So, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find all the answers.

Jeep Cherokee modes

Above all, let’s talk about what the switching modes do. When you turn any mode on, your car’s electronic system reacts in the following way:

  • The throttle response changes. It starts taking more or less air to burn the fuel, depending on what driving mode you have chosen.
  • Suspension settings get transformed. Particularly, suspension height changes, and springs become more or less strained.
  • The traction control system transmits more or less torque to the wheels to prevent slipping. In different drive modes, it works differently to provide the best grip on the existing surface.
  • The steering wheel can be turned with more or less effort, depending on what driving setting you’ve switched on.

There are other changes as well. But it isn’t the subject of this article. It is better to keep focused on the Sport Mode.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode vs Normal Mode

Ok, imagine you have just pressed the Sport Mode switcher on your car’s dashboard. What is going on with the vehicle? Let’s compare it with the usual mode you usually use to get to your office, supermarket, or home. To do it, take a look at the table.

Engine powerFuel consumptionOff-roadingEngine lifeSafety features
Usual ModeThe throttle doesn’t let too much air go toward the cylinders to burn the petrol. The transmission system performs upshifts early to reduce the pressure on the gears.It is a good choice for the fuel economy (fuel mileage). If you are not a professional racer, why should you drive extremely fast all the time? It is too dangerous and takes a lot of gas.The ground clearance is higher. It is good for crossing the rocky terrain.The Jeep Cherokee serves for a long time because the engine gears don’t get dramatic pressure and friction.All the systems, such as the Anti-lock braking system, work in the usual way.
Sport ModeThe throttle takes more air to let the fuel burn as much as possible in a short time. Upshifts are delayed to maintain high torques of the engine. Your modern Grand Cherokee gets more power to reach the desired speed due to the sports mode.
Meanwhile, you get faster acceleration when you are in a hurry, or you are going to avoid an accident while overtaking somebody.
This exciting feature lets you be faster, but it is going to be paid. Improved throttle response requires much gas, as you know. The shifting patterns of the suspension decrease the ground clearance. Of course, it’s not comfortable to move across rough terrain because the suspension isn’t soft. In this case, the car shakes all the time when the road isn’t smooth.
Meantime, the Sport Mode gives your Grand Cherokee more power. The traction increases dramatically. That’s why you can handle all the slops on the first try.
It is an amazing thing for a fantastic driving experience, but it isn’t for everyday use. Take care of your engine. Keep in mind that a sporty driving mode makes an engine’s lifespan shorter. Furthermore, the sharp throttle response reduces your car’s lifespan generally.Keep in mind that the car behaves in an unusual way. It requires good driving experience and attention. It is like the direct mode in an airplane when an autopilot is switched off. Be careful!

Reasons for the Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode use

The first thing you have to know is when you have to press the Sport Mode button. Here are the cases:

  • You are in a hurry. The Sport Mode is useful when you are on a smooth road. In this case, you can reach the speed you need faster and overtake a car in front of you easily.As you know, a powerful engine can prevent an accident in some cases. You can also go through a sharp bend at a high speed as your Grand Cherokee has got a good balance because of low ground clearance.
  • You are preparing to climb a steep hill. If you want your Jeep Grand Cherokee to get to the top of the hill steadily, the Sport Mode is a good choice. The Sport Mode setting makes an upshift delay. The lower gear is better for traction.
  • You are going to explore all the abilities of your amazing Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is so exciting to hear the roar of the engine and feel the real power of a Grand Cherokee. And Sport Mode releases it completely.

But be careful. There are reasons to turn off the Sports Mode.

Avoid the Sport Mode in some cases

Keep in mind that driving too fast causes car accidents. There is nothing more important than your health.

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That’s why you should keep the Sport Mode settings deactivated if:

  • There are many cars on the road
  • You are a beginner at driving or not skilled enough at it
  • The weather is not suitable for the Sport Mode. For example, it’s not a good idea to use the Sport Mode when it’s rainy/snowy. In this case, the best choice is the appropriate mode called Sand/Mud or Snow mode. If you’ve got the Sport Mode in your Grand Cherokee, you definitely have the other modes too. Use them.

Moreover, the Sport Mode is not designed for everyday work. It is supposed to be used occasionally. Otherwise, it’s bad for the vehicle’s state and engine condition.

How to switch on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode

If you are an owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you have already seen the button to switch the Sport Mode on. It’s located in the center of the dashboard. But use the tool correctly. Here is the instruction to prevent an accident or breaking the car down:

  • Start driving using the Drive Mode. It is marked as the D letter on the gearbox.
  • At a low speed, press the button to switch on the Sport Mode and release the Sport Mode button after the information beep sounds.

The car now is ready to rush forward as a bullet. Be careful.


What does Sport Mode on a Jeep Cherokee do?

In the Sport Mode, the acceleration, traction, and stability on sharp bends get improved.
At the same time, you get a hard suspension, less fuel economy, and more strain on the engine.

Can I put my Jeep in Sport Mode while driving?

Yes, you can. Switch on the Sport Mode at a low speed if the weather and road conditions are appropriate. It means driving the car on a dry surface.

What is the Sport Mode on a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is a special mode for fast driving. If you want the engine to show all its power, you can turn the Sport Mode on. But be careful and don’t forget about your and your passengers’ safety.

What does auto mode do on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In contrast to the sport mode, this feature was created for everyday driving. It is the best option to get home, your office, or any store.

Is it ok to drive using the Sport mode when it’s snowing?

The sport mode is not fit for slipping roads. You have got a useful option for such conditions called the Snow Mode.

Can I turn the Sport mode on at high speed?

It is bad for your safety and your vehicle. Remember that the car’s systems start working in a different way when you choose another mode. When the torque is high, it is a huge stress for the gears to handle the option switching.
Furthermore, it is a challenge for you to handle the new behavior of your vehicle at once.

What should I do if I can’t find the button?

Maybe you’ve got a 2016-year modification. It has a knob instead of a button. You can recognize it by the Selec-terrain mark.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode makes your Grand Cherokee much faster. The option improves the traction, stability on the bends, throttle response, and steering wheel response. The sport mode helps you to imagine that you are a racer. It is a great feeling.

At the same time, the Grand Cherokee Sport Mode is not designed for day-to-day driving. The thing is that it takes extra fuel and cuts the lifespan of the engine.

Furthermore, to use the Sport Mode, you have to be a skilled driver.

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