Hisun UTV problems: overview

Owning a Hisun UTV can be quite fun, however, if anything goes wrong, it can also be upsetting. The good news is the majority of these cars’ typical issues are simple to resolve. This article will go over several of the most common Hisun UTV problems, along with solutions.

hisun utv problems
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Common Hisun UTV problems

Although the Hisun UTV tends to be well-constructed, some regular issues are reported by Hisun UTV owners. Below are common Hisun UTV problems.

Spark plug issues

The Hisun UTV is notorious for having spark plug problems for several reasons. When plugs malfunction, they are frequently not changed promptly.

When you perform your next service, if you haven’t changed your plugs in the last 8000–10000 miles and they appear a bit worn, you should replace them.

This is the first place to examine when your Hisun UTV starts to run poorly.

Additionally, spark plugs can accumulate carbon, so it’s critical to change them before they become so dark that the insulator in the center of the plug is impossible to see.

Last but not least, to prevent engine stalling frequently, it’s critical to inspect and change your spark plugs if you reside in a dusty or rainy environment.

Carburetor failure

The entire fuel system of the engine is not complete without the carburetor. It creates a combination of air and fuel that aids in the proper operation of the engine.

The engine loses power if the carburetor malfunctions since it won’t be able to ignite the fuel.

An old diaphragm is the most frequent cause of carburetor failure. The diaphragm may eventually wear down as a result of heat and friction.

The diaphragm eventually loses its ability to contain the fuel and air mixture, enabling the fuel to flow out. This stops the fuel from igniting in the engine and reduces power.

In some circumstances, the diaphragm may also suffer a puncture, which would cause a bigger gasoline leak. The fuel and air combination won’t be able to stay in the carburetor due to the diaphragm’s inability to form a reliable seal after being punctured.

This results in the engine producing insufficient power, which ultimately causes a total breakdown.

To determine whether the carburetor is showing any indications of wear, you should examine your Hisun UTV if it is lacking power.

If the diaphragm is worn out, it is advised that you get a replacement. Similarly, you need to buy an entirely new carburetor if the diaphragm is pierced.

Engine and exhaust system overheating

One of the frequent issues with Hisun UTVs, according to several owners, is engine and exhaust system overheating. Even with the Massimo UTV, this is a common occurrence.

The 2011 and 2012 Hisun UTV models have received the majority of complaints regarding this issue. Overheating could be caused by an overloaded engine or by low coolant levels.

Additionally, it might take place when an electrical issue, such as a blown fuse, hinders the motor-driven fan from operating.

Installing more than one motor-driven fan around the exhaust will help cool the engine and prevent an overloaded engine thereby preventing overheating.

Your Hisun UTV vehicle may occasionally be more susceptible to overheating if you have a dirty radiator or grille screens, and if the radiator front cooler is wrongly positioned.

Finally, In case of a dirty radiator, remove any debris or dirt from the region, make any adjustments that are required to the space under the hood, and reposition the radiator front cooler slightly.

Engine compression

The air and fuel in a UTV’s engine are not compressed tightly enough to get to the engine cylinders. Hisun UTV models frequently experience issues with engine compression.

Insufficient or uneven compression causes poor engine power. Examine the flywheel and pushrods while the engine is installed.

The crankshaft and timing chain could be broken if the engine is inclined.

Clutch problems

The wet clutch mechanism, which prolongs the life of the transmission and keeps things moving smoothly, is a feature that the majority of Hisun UTV owners like. Nevertheless, there are some issues with the wet clutch mechanism. Clutch slippage is the most frequent problem.

When the clutch does not properly engage, clutch slipping happens. This may occur if the clutch shoes become worn or if the clutch isn’t engaging properly.

A slipping clutch, for instance, could be the cause of the inability of your Hisun UTV to accelerate properly when you first rev the engine or its struggle to attain greater speeds once it is in high gear.

A problem with the clutch cable may occasionally be the root of the slipping. The clutch might not be connected appropriately if the cable is loose, which could lead to it slipping. The clutch could also be prevented from disengaging properly if the cable is excessively tight.

The clutch disc needs to be properly positioned if your Hisun UTV’s clutch is slipping. This can be accomplished by measuring the distance between the clutch disc and the flywheel, after which the clutch cable can be adjusted appropriately.

Your Hisun UTV vehicle could lose power if the clutch slips as a result of the clutch disc being out of alignment.

Improper clutch lubrication is another issue that frequently affects Hisun UTVs. For the clutch to continue working properly, the appropriate lubricant must be used. Instead of conventional motor oil, it is advised to use oil made exclusively for wet clutches.

Absence of dampeners on the suspension, loose rear differential bolts, and a sticky transmission

Another frequently stated problem is a sticky transmission, loose rear differential bolts, or a lack of dampeners in the suspension creating minor problems.

Clogged transmission filters are quite common with a Hisun UTV. Because a clogged filter places additional strain on the transmission fuel pump to extract the transmission fluid, you might notice a sticky transmission when the transmission filters are blocked.

When there is aggressive and extensive use of a Hisun UTV without the needed upkeep, additional problems might develop, including loose bolts on the rear differentials and a suspension lacking the necessary dampeners.

To reveal the engine bay, remove the seats and center console.

The turnbuckle shift linkage can be located on the passenger side once the engine bay has been revealed. Furthermore, avoid aggressive and extensive use of the UTV vehicle without adequate maintenance.

Poor acceleration

A problem with the fuel tank or carburetor is frequently to blame for a lack of acceleration. Other potential causes include transmission fuel pump failure or fuel system line blockages. It’s important to check that each of these parts is functioning properly and to change worn-out or broken parts.

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Difficulty starting the engine or no start issue

There may be problems with hard starting, slow starting, or no start with some of the Hisun UTV models.

The engine starting problem can have several various causes, and it is a very frequent problem that can affect any UTV model.

If there is insufficient fuel flow or no fuel flow at all, your vehicle is automatically deprived of the necessary fuel flow. If this happens, the engine won’t start.

The fuel tank, filter, electric fuel pump, and injector are just a few of the major components that need to be checked out individually along with the entire fuel system as soon as possible.

Additionally, you should inspect the ECU motor scan and change any broken or obstructed parts that prevent the fuel from running properly and starting the engine.

Another major factor that inhibits the engine from turning over as quickly as it should is a battery that is weak, damaged, or broken.

Considering that water in the fuel system might potentially result in such issues, it is important to check for it as well.

Many Hisun UTV owners have stated that they notice this more frequently during the winter storage break.

The fundamental reason for this is that while the engine revolution slows down during the winter, the oil viscosity increases dramatically.

Simply selecting oils with various viscosities depending on the surrounding temperatures solves the oil viscosity issue.

An abrupt stop or stalling of the engine

You can experience engine stalling or discover that your engine abruptly ceased running. These can happen to any car and are extremely prevalent.

One user of the Hisun 700 UTV model remarked on how happy he was with the vehicle’s overall performance and how much he enjoyed driving it.

He began driving it again after the winter storage break but soon discovered that the vehicle was frequently dying and stalling and that it would only start when it was in the prime stage. It ultimately dies after just a couple of seconds each time.

This issue may arise if the fuel is unable to maintain appropriate pressure or if there is not enough fuel in the fuel tank.

A blocked air cleaner, malfunctioning fuel tank, and injector may be to blame.

The harnesses should also be inspected because defective harnesses can sometimes lead to problems.

Faulty batteries or failed electrical components are further potential causes.

You should use the motor scan KF90121 to look into the sudden stops, and if necessary, replace the ECU motor scan.

Are Hisun UTVs reliable?

Hisun has been making top-notch UTVs for many years and is one of the industry’s top producers. Many of the company’s UTVs have thousands of miles on them, yet they are still in excellent condition.

Due to their high level of dependability, many consumers who buy Hisun UTVs never even reach 10,000 miles on them. The new Hisun ATVs are made with the best components and put together by workers with an experience level of 10 years on average.

Hisun UTV is highly reliable because of several important factors.

Outstanding option for novices

The Hisun UTV is regarded as a fantastic choice for people just starting off-roading. However, most people like pricey cars because they believe they are the best for giving them an exciting ride.

It is preferable to start with a cheap car that will accelerate your learning if you are a newbie. The little, low-priced vehicle will also cost less if you damage something inside of it. Before moving to more expensive vehicles, it is advised to practice off-roading with such ones.


For more than a decade, Hisun has produced side-by-side utility vehicles, and with each new model, they have gotten better. All Hisun UTV models have a few distinguishing traits that make them unique.

These include high-strength steel bumpers, one-piece steel roll cages, aluminum roof supports, and an aluminum ladder structure for strength. Hisun UTVs include heated handgrips and improved, delicate, comfortable seats.

When you purchase a Hisun UTV, you are exempt from paying any consumable costs. Normally, you would have to pay for items like engine oil or spark plugs.


Serviceability measures how simple a Hisun UTV is to keep up in comparison to other brands. Hisun is an excellent option for a UTV that will be simple to maintain, even for untrained individuals.


Certain individuals think that a product’s cost tells them how reliable it is, however, how dependable can a cheap Hisun UTV be?

Maybe this is the opinion of people who never had a Hisun UTV.

The dependability, convenience, safety, and performance of a Hisun UTV complement its modern design. Since only well-informed individuals choose Hisun UTVs, there aren’t many of them on the market right now.

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What is the top speed of the Hisun 750?

The Sector 750 can travel up to 55 miles per hour because of its liquid-cooled, 4-stroke motor and CVT automated transmission. Owing to this speed, it is one of the fastest utility vehicles available, which enables it to go long distances swiftly.

Where is the Hisun engine made?

The Hisun engine is made in Chongqing, China.

What brands of UTV does Hisun make?

Hisun Motors provides a wide selection of UTV series, each with a special set of qualities and abilities. They include the HS Series, Sport UTV, and Utility UTV. Hisun Motors provides a flexible option for a variety of consumers because each of these series caters to distinct demands and tastes.

How fast does a Hisun sector 1000 go?

The largest and heaviest Hisun motors UTV is the Sector 1000 Crew, but the powerful V-twin propels it about with ease. It can quickly reach 60 mph. The 1000’s power and speed are excellent for quickly covering large areas.


The majority of users have affirmed that the acceleration quality is excellent even at lower RPMs, and when it comes to comfort, they added that the Hisun UTV shines as a superior bargain at an affordable price.

Certain individuals also affirmed that some Hisun UTV engines have a little less content and have a tendency to rev up more quickly.

Hisun UTVs are far more affordable than other typical UTV brands while still providing good performance and features. Although there are some common Hisun UTV problems, these are usually the result of carelessness or a lack of upkeep.

To give its consumers the greatest possible product, Hisun continuously develops its products and ensures the best quality.

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