How to clean white letter tires: powerful ways

Manufacturers of cars often launch tires with white letters in their models to give more uniqueness to the design of a particular car. It looks stylish, but on the other hand, if it does this you need to learn how to care about them. Over time, white letters get dirty and absorb the dirt that you catch driving on the road.

This is the reason your car looks worse than it is. The dirt adds cheap and obsolete points to any car.

If you are one of the proud car owners with white letter tires and you’re trying to find a way to bring your car back to its former style, this is the perfect article for you. We will tell you what to do in such a situation – how to clean white letter tires, and give you advice.

how to clean white letter tires

Are dirty tires a real problem?

White letters on tires can becomedirtyover time and white letters turn brown – they lose the color themselves and the letters just disappear altogether.

This depends on several points for example the type of tire and the weather conditions when the tires were created and are being used.

Instead of getting frustrated and buying new tires, let’s see how you can simply wash off the pollution that haunts us so much.

Cleaning white letter tires

If you want your white letters to last as long as possible, be sure to clean them with tire dressing regularly and avoid dangerous roads with harsh weather conditions.

Basic cleaning

There are different ways to clean white letter tires. Tools of the operation can contain a tire brush, a hose, and soap, or you can use a tire cleaner too. Instead of confidence that gives you the manufacturers of the cleaning products, be sure to read the instructions on the cleaner before using it.

Clean your tires at least once every 2 weeks because it can prevent the white letters from developing stubborn dirt or discoloration. Moreover, tire dressing after cleaning protects your products from harmful UV rays. By the way, it also makes the brightness of the white color better.

You should start with a work of basic cleaning to avoid unnecessary treatment with chemicals. All you need is to put some elbow grease into scrubbing and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results of extra effort.

The Magic Eraser is a great way to clean your white wall tires. Just wet the product and rub it over the tire. So removing dirt becomes an easy and quick process even in case of comparing with other products. Scrub the surface after applying the product.

The product has the word ‘magic’ because the effect from even the first use is magic. You may notice the results at once.

Bleaching agents

Bleach is the best way to improve the white color. This chemical is very strong – it can recover the color of your white letter tires but in the same way, it can be harsh on the materials of tires, because of a large number of chemicals.

Wash your tires first. Then dry the surface and apply the bleach spray and the stained areas. When you’re done, let the product get dry, and wait for ten minutes.

Wash the tires under strong water pressure. A regular rag or sponge can remove residues and stains. If you are not satisfied with the result, reapply the product and repeat the procedure with white letters.

SOS Pads

The SOS pads are a combination of steel wool and soap that together create the best way of cleaning tires and can easily remove the brown layer.

Firstly, remove the dirt by ordinary cleaning. Unpack the SOS pads and take one to scrub the dirty parts of the sidewall.

When you’re done cleaning all the corners with the cleaning pad, wash off the remaining soap with ordinary water from the tire to complete the process.

SOS pad brings back more than half of the white color of your white wall tires.

Baking soda

Baking soda is used as a homemade remedy for cleaning white-lettered tires. If you don’t have specialized cleaning materials for white tire letters, then use baking soda for bleaching.

Sprinkle baking soda on the sponge so that it becomes diluted with water and wipe the surface of the whitewall tires putting some elbow grease. After the dirt is removed, it can be washed off.

clean white letter tires 2

Cleaning solution

A way like bleaching destroys the structure of the objects. Always check out the ingredient lists and customer reviews before purchasing a cleaning agent. In any event, the rims of your tires might deteriorate due to chemical reactions.

Try to use some special cleaning solutions which are aimed to get rid of the brown layer. Wet the pads and tires. Apply the tire cleaner with the help of a regular pad or carwash towel. If the solution is poured in spray form, it is even easier for applying. Besides, before using you have to check out the instruction written on the packaging.

Wet a pad or cloth with the cleaner and clean the tires thoroughly. You have to make more effort so that even hard-to-reach corners turn out to be white as a result. A toothbrush-style brush can be very helpful in this process.

Maybe the solution doesn’t show a good result after just one cleaning of white letter tires. It depends on some conditions – how intensely, how long you scrub the tires, and of course the strength of the participant solution is the important point.

Check out the progress during washing after a while and repeat scrubbing and cleaning until you’re satisfied.

When you’re done, use accumulated hydraulic power to wash away the remaining solution.

If you have finished and the result did not meet your expectations, don’t worry and try again.

Fine sandpaper

Let’s say you’ve already tried several cleaning methods, but some parts remain yellow areas. To satisfy yourself with the view of your car tires, you can try fine sandpaper.

Basic cleaning is still the first action. Use fine sandpaper to get to the parts of the tires that are very hard to reach easily. After you have removed all the dirt, yellowness, and brown deposits, complete the process with a water hose. The pressure of the water will save you from having to re-nat the object with a wet rag and will do it faster.

Brush with your toothpaste & toothbrush

This way of operation can be called a cheap life hack at home. Most people prefer it for cleanings.

First, get rid of the dirt from the surface, including dust. Use soap and water as this is just a prep step. Next, you will need toothpaste and a toothbrush that no one uses anymore. Thoroughly wash the most polluted areas of tires with this tool.

This process may seem long since the toothbrush is small and you will need to put in some effort and patience to achieve the desired result.

All you have to do after that is just rinse the surface of the tires with white letters.

With toothpaste, you can very easily wash the part of the tires, which most often becomes dirty. After such cleaning, your sneakers or white letters on the tires look surely like new.

Simple Green

There is another well-known cleaning product in the auto industry – Simple Green. It gets rid of brown stains on your white letter tires.

Tire gel

Investing in a tire gel ensures that white lettering and whitewall tires look clean and shiny. So please put attention to a tire gel, during purchasing a cleaner for your white letter tires.

clean white letter tires 3


If you still have some questions or faced the question we haven’t mentioned yet, we would be glad to give you the answers below.

How do you get white tires white again?

In this article, we selected some ways how to clean white letter tires get rid of brown residue, and restore the color of raised white letter tires. Choose any of the lists above.

Why are the white letters on my tires turning brown?

The white letter tires’ surface turns brown due to a lack of tire maintenance or improper cleaning. When a person skips cleaning white letter tires, which should be done regularly, the dust gets clogged into the surface of the rubber, and the stains penetrate the material and become larger. Thus, we come to the result – the white areas of the tires turn brown.

In the production of any tire, manufacturers often add elements of anthozoans. This is done to prevent the destruction of the rubber structure. For white letters, this has negative consequences, in combination with oxygen, antizonants create a brown residue, which then has to be disposed of.


In this article, we revealed the topic of how to clean white letter tires. If white parts on your car’s tires turn brown, now you know how to prevent it. Use any method of cleaning that we have just thought you – cleaning pad, cleaning solution, or other. Anyway, cleaning white lettering is an important care for your car to make it look clean and stylish.

We hope this article will help to keep your white letter tires in good and clean condition.

If you need to read about how to clean white letter tires, please read our article.

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