Jeep Quick Order Packages explained for your convenience

Jeep quick order packages explained => The Quick Order Package is aimed at assisting you in personalizing your Jeep according to your preferences. Its primary emphasis is customization, making it essential to grasp the significance of Quick Order Packages while purchasing a new vehicle. The vast array of choices when selecting a new Jeep, such as color, trim, size, soft top, premium audio group, max speed calibration, speed automatic, remote start system, and navigation features, may be overwhelming.

jeep quick order packages explained

Jeep Express Order Packages

Jeep Wranglers have an impressive level of versatility, offering a vast range of options to customize your vehicle according to your preferences.

From the choice of trim, speed, and color, to other features, the possibilities are nearly endless.

To make it easier for you to build your dream Jeep, Jeep offers Quick Order Packages that serve as a starting point for customizations. These packages include an array of add-ons, but they come at an extra expense. The actual cost will depend on the type of package and features you select, with prices ranging between $2000-$6000. At its core, a Quick Order Package sets the foundation for each Jeep model’s configuration.

Various fast Jeep Quick Order Packages in 2023

Now we show you fast order packages.

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-B

Jeep offers the Order Package 2-B on certain models as a trim option, intended to improve the vehicle’s performance and aesthetics. The package’s composition may differ depending on the model but typically includes features such as:

  1. Leather-wrapped steering wheel with adaptive cruise control;
  2. Automatic headlights;
  3. Body color grille, but with black details;
  4. Body color Fender flares;
  5. The glass is shaded to a deep level;
  6. Power heated mirrors;
  7. Illuminated vanity mirrors;
  8. Freedom panel storage bag;
  9. A remote start system;
  10. An alarm system for security;
  11. Speed-sensitive power locks;
  12. Remote keyless entry;
  13. A device that maintains speed while driving;
  14. Audio controls on the steering wheel itself;
  15. A brand of the system known as Uconnect;
  16. Rock protection sill rails;
  17. Alpine premium audio system;
  18. Cold weather group;
  19. Power windows;
  20. Max speed calibration;
  21. Universal garage door opener;
  22. Soft top.

The features offered in this package may vary based on the model. The package is designed to enhance the overall driving experience by providing convenience, safety, and performance features. It is a popular choice among Jeep enthusiasts who want to customize their vehicles to suit their particular needs and preferences.

Jeep Quick Order Packages 2

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-K Sport

The Quick Order Package 2-K Sport is a customizable bundle that can be added to a variety of Jeep models. With a focus on enhancing the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and giving it a sporty look, this package normally includes several distinctive features.

  1. All-terrain tires and 17-inch aluminum wheels;
  2. Headlight rings in the black and body-color grille;
  3. Tow hooks in the front and rear;
  4. Remote keyless entry;
  5. Power heated mirrors;
  6. Mats for all types of weather conditions;
  7. Lamps that can cut through the fog;
  8. Freedom panel storage bag;
  9. Windows with a deep, sun-blocking tint;
  10. A steering wheel and shift knob are wrapped in leather;
  11. Rock protection sill rails;
  12. Speed-sensitive power locks;
  13. Cold weather group;
  14. HD electrical group;
  15. Power windows;
  16. Illuminated vanity mirrors;
  17. Max speed calibration;
  18. Air conditioning;
  19. Remote start system;
  20. Universal garage door opener;
  21. Soft top.

The Quick Order Package 2-K Sport is favored by individuals seeking a tough and athletic look with improved off-road functionality, making it ideal for outdoor pursuits such as camping, trekking, and venturing off-road.

Jeep Quick Order Packages 3

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-S Sports

Jeep provides a package known as the Jeep Order Package 2-S Sports, which offers an array of optional features to enhance the performance, handling, and appearance of their vehicles. The package encompasses a range of upgrades such as:

  1. Sport suspension: This includes a specially tuned suspension that provides better handling and stability during fast and agile driving;
  2. The vehicle boasts a sporty and aggressive appearance with its lightweight and durable 17-inch black aluminum wheels or the added touch of luxury provided by the leather-wrapped steering wheel;
  3. Black side steps: These provide easier access to the vehicle’s cabin, and they also give it a rugged and tough appearance;
  4. Front fog lamps: These help improve visibility in foggy or misty conditions, making driving safer and more comfortable;
  5. Freedom panel storage bag;
  6. System of cross-path detection;
  7. LED tail lamps: These provide a brighter and more reliable source of light for increased visibility and safety;
  8. Speed-sensitive power locks;
  9. Leather-wrapped steering wheel: This adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the driver’s experience, making the Jeep feel more upscale and refined;
  10. Remote start system: This allows the driver to start the vehicle from a distance, which can be especially useful in cold or hot weather;
  11. System of speed forward collision warning;
  12. Remote keyless entry;
  13. Power heated mirrors;
  14. Cold weather group;
  15. HD electrical group;
  16. Power windows;
  17. Max speed calibration;
  18. Air conditioning;
  19. Soft top.

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-L Altitude

The Quick Order Package 2-L Altitude is an add-on option that can be selected for specific Jeep models like the Jeep model Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler JK, and Jeep model Compass. Its purpose is to improve both the aesthetics and the operation of the vehicle by incorporating a series of exceptional elements. Several of the accessible traits that come with the Jeep Quick Order Package 2-L Altitude comprise:

  1. The grille, badging, and roof rails are all accentuated in a sleek gloss black finish;
  2. The headlamps and front-led fog lamps are completely blacked out;
  3. The wrapped steering wheel and the seating are made of black leather with suede inserts, that are perforated for added comfort;
  4. Adaptive cruise control;
  5. System of cross-path detection;
  6. The aluminum wheels, measuring 18 inches, possess a glossy black coating;
  7. Freedom panel storage bag;
  8. The Uconnect 4 infotainment system features an intuitive 8.4-inch touchscreen display;
  9. It is fully compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for added convenience;
  10. Dual-zone automatic climate control In addition to these standard features, you may also be able to add optional features like a power liftgate, a premium audio system, and additional safety and driver assistance technologies;
  11. Alpine premium audio system;
  12. Power windows;
  13. Max speed calibration;
  14. Air conditioning;
  15. Soft top.
Jeep Quick Order Packages 4

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-F Freedom

The package is specifically designed for certain Jeep models, like the Jeep Wrangler JK and the Gladiator, to improve their performance in off-road conditions and to give them a unique look. The 2-F Freedom package may incorporate a range of features, such as:

  1. Leather-wrapped steering wheel;
  2. Tires suitable for all terrains;
  3. Power windows and locks;
  4. Ability to remotely unlock the car;
  5. Speed-sensitive power locks;
  6. A modular hardtop known as Freedom Top comes in three pieces;
  7. Rear window defroster;
  8. A rear window with a wiper/washer combo;
  9. Freedom panel storage pouch;
  10. Front-led fog lamps;
  11. Side steps in a tubular design;
  12. A robust suspension system;
  13. A Trac-Lok anti-spin differential rear axle;
  14. Premium audio group;
  15. Freedom panel storage bag;
  16. Illuminated vanity mirrors;
  17. Max speed calibration;
  18. Air conditioning;
  19. Soft top.

These features are designed to make the vehicle more capable when driving off-road, while also providing a distinctive look.

The Freedom Top hardtop can easily be removed for an open-air driving experience, while the all-terrain tires and heavy-duty suspension provide improved traction and handling on uneven terrain.

In general, if you are searching for a powerful all-terrain automobile that also boasts a distinct appearance and additional enhancements to enhance your driving experience, then the Jeep Quick Order Package 2-F Freedom is a superb choice.

Jeep Quick Order Package S-J Islander

Jeep offers the Quick Order Package S-J Islander, a distinctive package featuring Islander graphics, a 3.6L V6 engine, unique seats, wheels, air conditioning, a soft top, remote keyless entry, and a premium audio system, as a special edition.

It is obtainable on limited Jeep models like Wrangler, Gladiator, and Compass. The Islander package’s purpose is to grant your Jeep a distinctive, beach-style appearance, making it an ideal choice for ocean lovers or those who desire an appealing, fun car.

Jeep Quick Order Package 2-W Willy’s

This package is designed to enhance the vehicle’s performance on challenging terrains while also providing a distinctive, rugged look.

It includes a variety of features, such as a black and gray Willy’s hood decal, 17-inch Moab black aluminum wheels with robust off-road tires, a Jeep trail-rated kit, and a glossy black grille with black throats, and headlamp inserts. Also included are black Jeep badges with Willy’s logo, all-weather slush mats, leather-wrapped steering, air conditioning, a soft top, and heavy-duty rock rails with step pads.

The Jeep Quick Order Packages appeal to off-road enthusiasts who value both function and style, with features that enable effortless navigation over rugged terrain, as well as eye-catching elements like the hood decal and blacked-out grille.

If you’re searching for a Jeep that offers exceptional off-road capabilities and boasts a strong look, consider the Quick Order Package 2-W Willy’s.

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What is a Jeep Wrangler Quick Order Package?

The Jeep Wrangler Quick Order Package refers to a pre-set collection of optional features which can be incorporated into a new Jeep Wrangler during the time of purchase.

Such packages generally consist of features such as high-end tires and wheels, enhanced audio systems, state-of-the-art safety features, and numerous convenience upgrades such as a wrapped steering wheel. This facilitates buyers to customize their Jeep Wrangler with features that cater to their precise needs and choices without the hassle of individually selecting each option.

What is Quick Order Package 23S?

The Quick Order Package 23S is available for particular Jeep Wrangler models and provides a selection of features and options that you can personalize to your liking. Some amenities featured in this package are a 7-inch touchscreen interface, compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

What is a Quick Order Package 24S?

A 24S Quick Order Package typically consists of a selection of products or services that can be easily purchased or ordered. The contents of the package may vary depending on the brand or company providing it. Additional research or direct communication with the company may be necessary to obtain more information about the package’s specific contents.

What is the Jeep Quick Order Package 26R?

The Jeep Quick Order Packages 26R pertains to a bundle of options for the Jeep Wrangler, which could consist of a 3.6L V6 engine, a 6-speed manual transmission, and various enhancements for off-road maneuvering.


Overall, Jeep Quick Order Packages appear to be a popular choice among buyers who want to customize their vehicles with an array of features conveniently and cost-effectively.

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